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Some of the funniest and weirdest period euphemisms

Do you know what's common between sharks, the moon, and Mary? They're all code for your period. 

It's the 21st Century, and period talk is still very much taboo. Sanitary pads are still wrapped in 500 layers of newspaper and hidden like they contain nuclear codes, while period stains are considered the equivalent of murder charges. If you think about it, when you were in school, did you ever really call your period a period? "Chums", "time of the month", "shark week", we used any term but period. Why though? Is the stigma so deeply ingrained in us that we treat something that happens to us every month like Voldermort?

A study showed that there are about 5000 euphemisms for getting your period. Yup, 5000. 

We agree, your period isn't the prettiest, and the pain can be compared to a visit from Satan himself. So giving it funny names is a great way to describe your situation and add humour to a rather unpleasant experience. But the problem arises when these names are deliberately used to avoid the words "period" or "menstruation". 

The point is not that period slang is wrong or not "woke" enough. The issue at hand is that language mirrors what we feel. Why are there so many alternatives? Sleeping is called sleeping, walking is called walking, so why is being on your period in need of so many synonyms? The goal is to reach a point where every girl chooses to use slang instead of being cornered to do so.

Now that we've established that period is in no way a taboo word, we present to you some of the funniest and weirdest slangs people use across the world:

  1. Strawberry Week
  2. The English Have Landed
  3. I'm With Chico
  4. Moon time
  5. Monthly Fried
  6. Japan is attacking
  7. Cranberry Woman
  8. The Curse
  9. I’m With Andrew. The One That Comes Every Month
  10. Ketchup Week
  11. Communists in the Gazebo
  12. Defrosting the Steak
  13. Mother Nature
  14. Code red
  15. Bloody Mary
  16. The blob
  17. Lady business
  18. Red wedding
  19. Carrie
  20. Girl flu
  21. Monthly friend
  22. Having the painters in
  23. Moon time
  24. Granny’s Stuck in Traffic
  25. I’m Untouchable