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5 utterly useless comments women are TIRED of hearing.

Your boss dumping just another task as your workday is about to end, your sibling deciding to grab the last slice of pizza you’ve been dreaming about all day, and the kid in your building deciding to call you “Aunty” instead of “Didi”- all equally annoying. But being asked insensitive questions while your uterus seems to be at war with you, that my friend, is what finally unleashes the inner Hulk.

It’s the truth of life. Women go through period pain or discomfort every month, and while the pain levels may differ, it still is no stroll in the park. We may not want every person out there giving us a standing ovation for genuinely accepting pain as a part of our lives, but a little sensitivity sure could save us from murder charges.

As a PSA, we’ve made a list of 5 things to NEVER and we repeat NEVER say to women. Period.

1. Why are you snappy? Is it that time of the month again?

No, David, we’re probably snappy because you are 30 minutes late for dinner again.

It is true that PMS can cause mood swings and dysmenorrhea could play a number on our otherwise amazing patience levels, but when you chalk up a woman’s temper or strong emotions to her period, you're just coming from a place of pure sexism and ignorance.


2. Aren’t you used to the pain yet?

Yes, this is probably the 67th period we’ve got in our lives and no, we are not immune to the pain yet. While we thankfully have The Basics For PMS & Cramps supplements that can significantly reduce the pain, there is still blood gushing out of us and that can never be a feeling you get 100% comfortable with.


3. Are you sure you want to eat more?

Science backs our hunger too. During the luteal phase of our menstrual cycles our bodies are prepping for the next phase by building and thickening the uterine lining and it requires a higher demand of energy, hence, the crazy look in our eyes when we see food. So please don’t question our ravenous moods.


4. Oh if your period is too painful why don’t you just go on the pill?

Birth control pills may be prescribed by doctors in some severe cases but people tend to forget that not everybody has the same body or that there's no blanket solution for what our bodies are going through. Saying this is not just insensitive but also irresponsible! Please don't ask people to consume prescription drugs that alter hormones just because you "read on Google that it works".

5. Why don't you exercise? It'll help with the pain.

As Rachel Greene once said, "No uterus, no opinion". Light exercises and some endorphins could definitely help women on their period but it is imperative to understand that some women go through intense pain when Aunt Flo decides to visit. So, let the lady be and let her decide if she's up for a workout or not.